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Also? I can kill you with my brain.

Buckets of Crazy: Sam/River shippers unite!

they kill with their brains: a Sam/River community
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"The next time you find a girlfriend, try to find one that's not so buckets of crazy."
Welcome to siverandram, the first LiveJournal community devoted to the pairing of River Tam (Firefly & Serenity) & Sam Winchester (Supernatural). We hope that you'll enjoy your stay here!

What's welcome here? Anything & everything related to Sam/River! Meta, graphics/fanart, squee, fic, discussion, recs, fanvids, compilation mixes . . . whatever you have that's Sam/River, we want it here!

About Sam & River

Sam Winchester: Sam Winchester was born in 1983 in Lawrence, Kansas to John & Mary Winchester. When Sam as six months old, Mary was murdered by a demon in Sam's nursery, which resulted in a fire that destroyed the Winchester family house. For the next eighteen years, Sam, his older brother Dean & their father drove all through the country, hunting for the thing that killed Mary, while also killing off any supernatural entities in their path. However, this was not what Sam wanted in his life, which led to him packing up & moving to California to attend Stanford University as a law student. Four years pass, during which Sam enjoys a stellar academic career & even meets his first serious girlfriend Jessica Moore. However, during this time, Sam begins having premonitions of Jessica's death six months before it actually occurs. Then the night before Sam is due for an interview for Stanford's law program, Dean reappears back in his life asking for Sam's help in finding their father who has gone missing. This then sets off a series of events, which pull Sam back into the hunting lifestyle, among them the murder of his girlfriend by the same demon that murdered Mary years before.

As Sam & Dean continue to search for their father & the demon that murdered Jessica & Mary, Sam's visions begin getting more & more intense. Over time, he begins having them while awake, one of which leads to his displaying a small amount of telekinesis when he has a premonition of Dean being murdered by someone with powers similar to his own. He is, however, unable to control it. Later on, it's discovered that his waking visions occur in relation to other psychics like him. This leads Sam & Dean to meet several other psychics, but with powers different from Sam's.

Toward the end of season one, it is discovered that Sam & all of the other psychics like him are part of a special plan that the demon has for them. A war is coming & they are an important part of it.

River Tam: River Tam was born into a life of wealth & luxury alongside her old brother Simon in Capital City on the planet Osirus. From the age of three she ws correcting her brother's spelling & pointing out the errors in his schoolbooks. She showed talent at everything she applied herself to, from academia to art. At fourteen she petitioned her parents to send her to a government funded school known only as the Academy. Two years passed without contact between River & her family, until River began sending nonsensical letters to her family, which were ignored by her parents, but not Simon. Simon became convinced that River was in danger& that she was trying to tell them this. Determined to help River, Simon concocted at plan to rescue her. Once Simon freed River from her school, he learned that she had been experimented on & driven to insanity by the experimentations. She did, however, retain her genius intellegence, & is prone to bouts of lucidity, but they are very unpredictible & have no set pattern to them. After Simon rescued her, they found safety & a new home on the Firefly-class transport ship Serenity.

In time, Simon was able to run tests on River & discovered that her brain had been cut into & her amygdala stripped away, which controlled her emotions. Not long after that, he was able to begin treating her, though her body has a difficult time breaking down the medications given to her.

River is extremely intuitive, as well as being able to read the minds of those around her. She is extremely proficent with with firearms, as well as in hand-to-hand combat, leading to members of Serenity to speculate that perhaps she was being trained an assassin during her time at the Academy.

For a better look at the River Tam that was & how she came to be who she is today, The R. Tam Sessions should be of help!

How & why we created this community

siverandram was created one night by etzyofi, after she mentioned in her LJ that Sam should get together with a "telepathic, can-see-ghosts crazy girl", since "he could use more crazy in his life." This idea was adored by both riverdresses & jazmin22 & so, siverandram was born! They decided that the world was seriously lacking in Sam/River support, so they decided to create a haven for all the fellow supporters out there who were also frustrated with the lack of Sam/River out there.

General rules

1.This is a Sam/River community. All posts must be dedicated to them.

2.This community is moderated. Your post will definitely be up as soon as we can get to it.

3.Please don't flame. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

4.If you upload any music for mixes, please use mediafire, sendspace, or megaupload. Uploads to both mediafire and sendspace are encouraged; I know people hate finding awesome mixes and having to ask for a reup. PLEASE DO NOT USE YOUSENDIT. Megaupload, Mediafire & Sendspace are most preferred.

5.USE YOUR TAGS. ALWAYS USE Username: your name here AND THEN EITHER TYPE: **FIC, MIX, REGULAR, GRAPHICS, ICONS. PLEASE. If not, we will tag your things for you, but after the third or fourth time, you must tag them yourself.

6. If we catch you flaming, or just generally being an ass, then we will ban you.

Fic rules

1. Fic must be Sam/River. There may be other pairings, but Sam/River must be the focus.

2. No plagiarism.

3. Clearly state the rating please.

4.Use your tags.
tags: Author: yournamehere, Story: yourtitlehere.

5. Use this for posting, and please stick the story behind a cut.

6. Have fun and please don't flame!

Art & graphic rules

Graphics of all sorts are welcome here! Headers, wallpapers, manips (especially!), icons . . . whatever you can think of! All we ask is that you please follow these simple rules.

1. No editing graphics without permission from the maker.

2. Icons must be Sam/River. There can be others, but please post eight or more Sam/River icons. This applies to teasers as well: all teasers must be of Sam/River. No exceptions.

3. Please put all icons & graphics behind a cut. Thumbnails for large graphics may be left outside a cut, as well as up to three teaser icons. Any more than that, please cut them.

4. Comment if you're taking anything, please.

5. Absolutely no attacking anyone's graphics. If you haven't anything nice to say, then don't say anything period, as we stated above.

6. Tag all posts with your username & the type of graphics you're posting, like this: username: lost_her_sway, type: icons. If you forget, we'll give you a gentle reminder, but please try to remember to tag your posts.


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